When was the last time you did something for the first time?


Start now, your tomorrow begins today


It always seems impossible until it is done


The chains of habit are too weak to be felt, until they are too strong to be broken


When it comes to training, I believe that there is no one size fits all. I adopt an individualistic client centered approach which has led me to develop the concept of ‘freestyle’. It is a method, and system which is entirely dependent on your specific goals, taking into consideration your current state of health and previous level of physical activity.

Training on an individual basis, with a partner or in a small group

Running coaching, 1 to 1 Coaching, Training Plans, and Technique analysis

Individually tailored interactive Lifestyle Workshops and Executive Coaching

Focusing not just on physical fitness but assessing your nutritional and well-being practices. A holistic training overview to address the pyscological aspects of goal setting and making positive changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

I have trained, coached and mentored a very diverse range of clients, from those just starting out to individuals wishing to prepare for endurance races. The common link though, their desire to find pathways for change and a hunger to realise their true potential.

Training can take place outdoors, at your home or place of work I presently train clients in Wimbledon, South West and Central London. If we cannot meet in person, live-stream sessions can be delivered through Zoom video communications.

A complimentary initial consultation is held to determine your goals and ambitions before training commences.