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Running Coaching – Train with Freestyle

Over the last 25 years (having competed at distances from 5KM up to multi-day Ultra endurance events), I have gained extensive knowledge of running technique, developing individual race specific training plans, and how best to prevent injury.

For many years, I learnt the long way through trial and error, before completing the UK Athletics Running Coach Qualification. This has led me to bring both experience and tested principles of training technique together.

The fusion of both experience and technical skill, along with my knowledge as an Army Physical Trainer and Personal Trainer, provides a robust and holistic system for safe and effective running progression.

Before training takes place, an initial complimentary call is held, which covers your specific running and lifestyle goals. If then you wish to purchase one of the Freestyle running products, a detailed questionnaire is completed. From this we establish your starting point and can deliver, not only your running fitness goal, but also valuable health goals; encouraging correct posture, healthy eating, stress management and sleep optimisation.


1 to 1 coaching

Available in South West and Central London.

Online training

Monthly package including a 4 week plan, running focused strength & conditioning sessions, with emphasis on functional movement, diaphragmatic breathing, postural development, core strength and balance. Ongoing phone and email support.

Training plans

Individually designed race specific, 8 week plans for 5KM and 10KM, 16 week plans for Half Marathon, Full Marathon and Ultra distance challenges.

Technique analysis

1 hour face-to-face session with video analysis. A written report provided on completion.