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Personal Training

The training programme is individually tailored to your personal goals, whether you simply want to be more active, lose weight, improve tone, feel better and more in control or pursue a sporting life time challenge.

The programme is progressive and will focus on 5 core aspects of health related fitness, cardio vascular ability, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

My training belief system is a distillation of over 25 years’ experience. The inspiration for my training was formed during my time with 131 Commando and preparation for the Reserve Forces Commando Course. It has ensured I have stayed healthy, physically fit, injury free and continued to improve and adapt.

Functional training forms the core of my philosophy, which covers muscular endurance and strength but also conditioning and flexibility. This encompasses bodyweight circuits, running, (hill, interval, long distance, trail), boxing pad work, and use of TRX suspension, resistance bands, medicine balls and Kettle Bells.

Functional fitness involves working muscle groups collectively and in coordination. It is the route of entry to develop physical health and fitness effectively. Modern day life for most of us has engineered out any type of physical activity and that is why functional fitness training has become so essential.

I have trained, coached and mentored a very diverse range of clients, from those just starting out to individuals wishing to prepare for endurance races. The common link though, their desire to find pathways for change and a hunger to realise their true potential.


Weight Loss
Pre & Post Natal
Youth Exercise Specialist
Boxing for Fitness
Suspended Movement Training
Obstacle Course Race Preparation


Online training, bespoke plans sent to any device using state of the art technology. Easy to use programmes with equipment or pure bodyweight for wherever you are. Full video tutorials.