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"Jason's support and great coaching has made all the difference in helping me start training again."

Lucy E

"With Jason i was surprised how much I would be looking forward to each session but I truly felt at the end of each one it left me with a “Job well done” feeling. I have gained so much knowledge through the training."

Liam K

About Jason

Hi, I am Jason Taylor and this is Freestyle Functional Fitness, a military inspired holistic fitness training system designed to develop and improve both physical and psychological well-being.

I am a REPS Level 4 qualified Personal Trainer and UK Athletics Running Coach based in Wimbledon and hold a Diploma in Fitness Instructing, Personal Training, Weight Management and Exercise Referral with Premier Training Academy. Premier being widely acknowledged as the leading provider of professional fitness qualifications in the UK. I am also Pre and Post Natal qualified and hold a Youth Exercise Specialist Certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine….

Stories, advice and inspiration


A new beginning

7 May 2024
Many English proverbs are so old it’s hard to know who coined them. One from Geoffrey Chaucer (we think) is very apt in 2024 - “All good things must come…

How to change your mind – my Spanish adventure

19 December 2023
Modern life is relentless, isn’t it? Rain or shine, I’m out and about as a freelance fitness trainer and running coach. My army reservist role means a frequent trek across…

The smart idea that went global.

7 February 2022
Let’s imagine you’re in charge of a body like Sport England. You have tens of millions of pounds from the lottery each year. It’s your job to spend this on…

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