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"Jason's support and great coaching has made all the difference in helping me start training again."

Lucy E

"With Jason i was surprised how much I would be looking forward to each session but I truly felt at the end of each one it left me with a “Job well done” feeling. I have gained so much knowledge through the training."

Liam K

About Jason

Hi, I am Jason Taylor and this is Freestyle Functional Fitness, a military inspired holistic fitness training system designed to develop and improve both physical and psychological well-being.

I am a REPS Level 4 qualified Personal Trainer and UK Athletics Running Coach based in Wimbledon and hold a Diploma in Fitness Instructing, Personal Training, Weight Management and Exercise Referral with Premier Training Academy. Premier being widely acknowledged as the leading provider of professional fitness qualifications in the UK. I am also Pre and Post Natal qualified and hold a Youth Exercise Specialist Certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine….

Stories, advice and inspiration


How to stay healthy from the inside

13 May 2021
Nearly 2,500 years ago, a wise Greek man died in old age. He was at least 80 years old, perhaps even 100. We can’t be sure. But we know that…

Understanding the performance inside

22 February 2021
You may remember the name Charlie Unwin from some of my other blogs. He’s a sports psychologist who works with top athletes and other peak performers. Many of his ideas…

Making stress your friend

2 February 2021
Over the years, we’ve been taught that stress is unhealthy. Google the word and you’ll see lots of articles on its dangers, how to avoid it, and tips for coping.…

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