The chains of habit are too weak to be felt, until they are too strong to be broken

Corporate Wellness Training

I have always believed in a holistic approach to health and fitness which needs to embrace both the physical and psychological. During my career as a Personal Trainer and Coach, I actively sought out the widest range of clients because I believe health is for everyone and to continually stress, test and develop my technical skills.

This has included training clients of all age ranges, along with those who are visually impaired, autistic, mobility limited, diabetic, impacted by cardio-vascular disease or suffering from mental stress. This expertise has been further developed through my time in the Army Reserves, training, coaching and mentoring soldiers both in peacetime and during operational deployments.

To maximise impact of lifestyle change I have developed an interactive workshop which I have delivered in a corporate setting. A top down approach, covering physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mind-set.

Clients gain sufficient knowledge and confidence in a non-judgemental setting to take actionable short term steps to improve their wellbeing.


Individually tailored interactive Lifestyle Workshops


/// Building physical activity and exercise into a time pressed lifestyle

/// Principles of healthy eating in an urban environment – how to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and promote weight loss

/// Realistic and robust short term goal setting to underpin behavioural change

/// Improving sleep quality

/// Mind-set, managing stress and mental wellbeing

Executive coaching

Available on a one to one basis.